The KMH Story


About KMH

The Kaohsiung Museum of History(KMH) is an important part of city tourism and an important field for life-long learning of the people. The core value and vision of KMH and its affiliated premises are to cultivate deeply in Kaohsiung, to continue cultural knowledge and to show our local vision to the public. KMH dedicates to doing profound reserach, enriching multiple themes for our galleries, organizing diverse exhibitions and devoting ourselves to the cultural and historical database center in Kaohsiung. We also look forward to strenghthening our connection and interection internationally.

Kaohsiung Municipal Office (Under Japanese Rule) > Kaohsiung City Hall > Kaohsiung Museum of History

Kaohsiung Municipal Office was found on December 25, 1924 during Japanese Occupation period in Minato-cho 4-chome (around today’s Daitien Temple in Gushan District). In 1939, due to the city center east-bound policy, the Municipal Office was moved to current location in Yancheng District. After World War II, in 1945, the Municipal Office was taken by Kuomintang Government and was renamed as Kaohsiung City Hall. In 1947, Kaohsiung City Hall was one of the historical scene during the 228 Incident outbreak and ever since, it had remained as Kaohsiung City Hall and the city’s administrative center until January, 1992.

On Janurary 18, 1992, Kaohsiung City Hall moved the office to Executive Government Building in Lingya District. The old City Hall building had accomplished its administrative mission and due to its important historical position, it was reorganized to be Kaohsiung Museum of History (KMH) to preserve the citys valuable cultural heritages. KMH officially opened on October 25, 1998. It is the first national museum that runs by local government in Taiwan.

In 2017, KMH became one of the first museum that was managed by Incorporated Administrative Agency. Since then, it has combined resources from public and private sectors to enhance its influence and display diverse subjets of social issues. The Museum devotes to saving the citys memory and experience the development of Kaohsiung with the citizen.

From the Museum to a profound connection with the city

Based on the core value of history, Kaohsiung Museum of History also develops other affiliated premises that are themed with railway culture, old town history, traditional performing arts, human rights issues, and dependent village immigration, etc., which have formed a regional museum community. Through resources integration and multiple premises operation, we hope that we can fulfill the purpose to gain closer contact to the people, cultivate locally and extend the culture and knowledge, so as to implement the social value as a public museum.